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Rove cartridges released some new strains this year with a new upgraded vape cartridge. The normal strains for Rove did not change their prefilled vape cartridges. These are some of the best tasting cannabis oil cartridges for sale. Their extraction technique is CO2 and the potency rivals distillate. We recommend this vape cart for those who enjoy flavors from natural terpenes.

The average price for a half gram Rove cartridge is $30, while a full gram average cost is $60.  They’re rating is a 4.6/5 from out of 680 reviews. Vaping flavor is the best feature from the Rove cartridges. This THC oil is comparable to Brass Knuckles vape, however, they don’t have a Brass Knuckles pesticides or counterfeit problem. One common complaint among the few negative reviews is that the Rove vape cartridge have a clogging issue.

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