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In the context of weed, carts are pre-filled vape cartridges that attach to a vape battery. Live resin carts are simply vaping oil cartridges that are crammed with live resin rather than a more conventional cannabis concentrate. As with any cartridge, simply screw the cartridge onto A battery, activate the heating mechanism, and inhale through the mouthpiece.


The type of ceramic utilized in these cartridges was originally developed for warmth dissipating tiles on the spacecraft. It is a cloth with an extreme hardness that’s totally inert, which suggests it cannot interact with our live resin. The ceramic atomizing core has no cotton or fiberglass membrane around it because the porosity of the ceramic itself has been engineered for the viscosity of our oil, so you have ensured no reduction within the purity of the oil over time. All the gaskets are food-grade silicone making this a superior vaping cartridge for live resin.

Granddaddy Purple is an Indica-dominant cross of Purple Urkle and large Bud (not “Sesame Street” characters), which is why it creates heavy grape/berry notes that thrill your taste buds before being slightly overrun by the piney/grassy taste.
With this combo of terps and THC levels, this product is right to use in the dark to unwind and calm your mind and body.

The vapor was smooth and straightforward on the throat and lungs; a perfect experience. The cloud was also pretty thick (though light feeling) and filling on the exhale. Unlike most cartridges, the clear, thick resinous oil looks muted, almost grey; I assume it’s specific to live resin cartridges. Weed edibles, alpine live resin carts for sale. Weed online, buy granddaddy purple strain

This Alpine live resin cartridge is compatible with most vape batteries (510 threaded). Simply twist on and use. Because the oil is thick you might need to warm the cartridge a little to make the oil more easily vaporable. Also notice that the cartridge can heat up after a few long, consecutive draws; it’ll get warm to the touch so be wary of it getting too hot. Buy live resin cartridges, live resin carts.


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