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Buy Jock Horror London. A slight indica background helps to provide Jock Horror with a better balance, as its numbers rate at a 70% sativa, 30% indica ratio. … Jock Horror was created through the combining of genetics from Northern Lights indica, Haze sativa and Skunk No.1 hybrid. Buy Jock Horror London. The Jock Horror is an enormously popular marijuana strain, which is actually a hybrid of Haze, Skunk and Northern Light. The majority of users enjoy this variety’s awkward, but ultimately fulfilling, flavor. When smoking Jock Horror, you’ll experience a very strong high, which will get you on your feet! This is one of the greatest options, if you desire an up high and want an extreme burst of energy!

The plant is capable of growing to very tall heights and usually begins flowering within 9 weeks. This ensures that you get the cannabis quickly and get to enjoy it even quicker! This powerful strain is classified for medical use. Also, the yield is very good and can deliver anywhere from 350 to 450 Gr. Suffice to say, the consumer always gets their money’s worth, with Jock Horror. Despite the name, this awesome strain is one of the best and offers an enhanced high, which is unmatched.


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