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Italy is very close to the full legalization of cannabis. The country legalized medicinal and industrial cannabis, but regulations are very strict. Which makes cannabis not very available for patients because of high costs. Further, recreational smoking and possession of small amounts are decriminalize which means you can expect to pay a fine. Also, what’s very weird is that if you, as an Italian citizen get caught with a small possession. You can face a suspension of your personal documents such as passport or driver’s license. Where can i buy hash in London Buy Hash Online Uk Buy weed Britain Buy cannabis in England Buy Hash in Uk

Cultivation of cannabis for medicinal and industrial purpose is legal, but you have to have a registered business and comply with strict regulations. You, as a certified grower, can’t use any seeds, but must obtain official seeds provided. By the government which has high costs compared to commercial seeds.

Italy invented a new law, often called cannabis light which allows growers to grow cannabis plants. From non-authorized plants as long as levels of THC are minimal (no more than 0.2%).
People can openly buy low-THC cannabis from official resellers just with ID or another personal document. It’s very interesting how Italy legalized low-THC cannabis. We recommend reading more about it.
Another interesting fact, that applies to Florence is that bottle alcohol is prohibite and you can’t buy a bottle of beer or wine after 10 pm. Police enforce that law more than cannabis laws, so it seems smoking weed in Florence is not the major focus, but always be careful and use your common sense.Where can i buy hash in London Buy Hash Online Uk Buy weed Britain Buy cannabis in England Buy Hash in Uk

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